27 November 2015

Lam Chiu Ying gave a presentation on the agriculture-led “Sustainable Lai Chi Wo” Project at an experience-sharing forum among farmers and farming groups, conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Questions about the Project were answered.



19 September 2015
The main beam setting ritual was conducted at the education centre of the “Sustainable Lai Chi Wo” Project on a site leased by the Foundation. The Centre for Architectural Heritage Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong assisted in the planning and supervision of the restoration work. Traditional features of village buildings were preserved.

Village representative participated in the main beam ritual and prayed for blessings for the whole village and the families of the landowners in front of the education centre.

19 July 2015
First paddy harvest of the year at Lai Chi Wo.
Harvested paddy waiting for threshing to separate out the grains.

11 July 2015
Chairman Lam Chiu-ying and Director Ng Cho-nam paid a scouting visit to So Lo Pun at the invitation of its village representative.   Views about the possibility of village revitalization was exchanged.

Discussions about the village layout of So Lo Pun taking place on the embankment built by the villagers decades ago. 在鎖羅盤村民多年前所建的海堤上討論鎖羅盤村的佈局。

June 2015

Rehabilitation of the fields south-east of Lai Chi Wo village commenced.   Tree and ecological surveys had been conducted by the School of Biological Sciences of

The authentic village landscape of Lai Chi Wo was revived after the rehabilitation work.


16 May 2015

Director Ng Cho-nam explained the “Sustainable Lai Wo” Project to the Town Planning Board,  in connection with the recommendation to zone the land leased by the Foundation as “Agricultural”.



26 April 2015

Staff of Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region paid a study visit to see the “Sustainable Lai Chi Wo” Project at work.

Deputy Commissioner Song Ru’an of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC, Chairman Lam Chiu-ying of HKCF, Dr. Winnie Law and Dr. Billy Hau of HKU and the villagers of Lai Chi Wo at the village plaza.
中國外交部副特派員宋如安˴ 本基金主席林超英˴ 香港大學羅惠儀博士和侯志恒博士,與茘枝窩村民摄於村廣場。


19 April 2015

Volunteers helped seedling transplant in Lai Chi Wo.

Under the guidance of instructor from Produce Green Foundation, volunteers getting ready to wet their feet.