Hakka Life Experience Village @ Lai Chi Wo 荔枝窩客家生活體驗村

Aerial view of Lai Chi Wo Village 荔枝窩鳥瞰

The Hong Kong Countryside Foundation Limited, under the Chief Executive’s Community Project List 2015/16, was granted funding by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to conserve and restore a group of village houses, as the base for the operation of experiential learning programs and to provide accommodation for program participants. The group of houses will be operated as an integral entity. Profit if any from the operation will be applied to the maintenance of the houses. The restoration of houses will be done carefully and sensitively to retain the existing characters of the houses and village as a whole. New facilities will be installed to meet or surpass the current hygiene and fire safety requirements. The project will restore the 15 village houses in the initial phase, and ultimately 25 houses.
香港鄉郊基金有限公司根據行政長官社會資助計劃2016,獲得香港賽馬會資助,將為當地的部分村屋進行保育和復修,為訪客提供住宿及不同類別的客家文化學習體驗課程。村屋是「客家生活體驗村」不可或缺的部分,營運收益將用作村屋的維修保養。在復修過程中,會盡量小心保存現有村屋及整體村落原貌,同時新增設施以提升衞生及防火設施的標準。項目的第一期將會先復修 15 間村屋,目標最終復修共25間村屋。

Through a series of experiential learning programmes and workshops,the Hlev@lcw will resurgent the old hakka cultural tradition in order to provide the public a stronger understanding on LCW as the best preserved hakka enclosed village in hk with its characterized hakka history and culture. The Project will launch 12 el programmes in a seasonal pattern throughout the coming 4 years.With the professional training in the Docent training course, candidates are anticipated to be professional guides in the village and to serve as workshop instructors in specific areas as well as offering a range of activities for the Project.

All selected participants are required to attend the core programme “Lai Chi Wo and Surrounding Village Docent Training Course.” They are also required to attend at least 2 elective modules: “Hakka Life Experience Docent Training Course.” Both deposits and certificates will be issued upon their completion of the courses, training assessments, and assigned training hours.


To learn more, please visit the project website 了解更多:https://lcwhakkalife.wixsite.com/hakkalifeprogram
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環團呼龥沙螺洞納入郊野公園,反對興建巨型骨灰龕場 Green Groups called for the incorporation of Sha Lo Tung into Country Park against the construction of columbarium (2012-6-13)


Hong Kong Countryside Foundation, Civic Exchange, Conservancy Association, Friends of the Earth, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Green Lantau Association, Green Peace, Green Produce Foundation, Green Sense, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden called for Sha Lo Tung to be incorporated into Pat Sin Leng Country Park & Objection to the construction of a huge columbarium and made a joint press release.

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20120613 press release_Sha Lo Tung (final)