May 2017 Lai Chi Wo: Hong Kong’s Hidden Gem (Hong Kong Lawyer)

Despite its fall into obscurity, Lai Chi Wo is once again attracting attention and inspiring hope as the site of an experimental revitalisation project, which was launched in 2013. It is managed by the Policy for Sustainability Lab of the University of Hong Kong, partnered with the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation, Produce Green Foundation and Conservancy Association with funds from HSBC. With the help of this project, some local villagers have moved back to farm and receive visitors.

2017-03-23 荔枝窩,一條村一種生活 (蘋果日報)




2017-03-18 The Hongkongers giving our abandoned villages a new lease of life (SCMP)

Many of Hong Kong’s remote villages are crumbling into ruins or have been despoiled by the small-house policy. We meet experts and former residents who’ve given three of them a new lease of life.

While there is still much to appreciate, the Hong Kong countryside is a troubled paradise. The hills, valleys, woods and waterfalls are wonderful, and Hongkongers can be justly proud of the country-park system, but some of our villages are deserted, with houses crumbling to ruins, and many more have been stripped of their rural charm by higgledy-piggledy clusters of three-storey “Spanish” villas.

2017-03-09【夠薑七女子】荔枝窩復耕本地薑 加工生曬磨粉一腳踢 (蘋果日報)


2017-03-04 【香港製造】荔枝窩居民義工拎起鋤頭復耕 創本土靚薑品牌 (香港01)1


2017-02-09 茘枝窩九大簋宴慶豐年 (香港商報)

沙頭角海7村500多人歡聚         荔枝窩九大簋宴慶豐年


2017-01-21 荔枝窩推客家體驗村 復修百年村屋供租住 (明報)


2017-01-18 香港鄉郊基金對施政報告的回應 (獨力媒體)


2016-11-15 Getting Back to Grass Roots (China Daily)

With the city struggling through a housing crunch and a land crisis, some people hope that there may be some relief in returning to the old ways, writes Sylvia Chang.

The city is going through a transition amid difficult times: generational conflicts, the festering sore of the wealth gap, and the affordable housing crisis. The malaise engulfs even those aspiring to return to a simpler, more Arcadian life, in full retreat from the insanity of city life. Even the last of the rural farmers have grown suspicious about what these urban conservationists really have in mind.

2016-08-12 How one Hong Kong village has adapted a rural lifestyle for the 21st century (SCMP)

Karim Rushdy and Nicholas Gordon say the improbable revitalisation of a village in northeastern Hong Kong should serve as a role model to preserve our rural culture – by making village life economically viable.

But the village’s success is the exception, rather than the norm. Hong Kong’s villages are fading – and unless the city acts quickly, an integral part of our heritage could be lost forever. The villages were here long before Hong Kong exploded as an international port and financial centre, and are a link back to the region’s rural heritage.

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