1 Aug 2017
The Foundation submitted to the Chief Executive, the Chief Secretary for Administration, Financial Secretary, the Secretary for Development, the Secretary for Transport & Housing and the Secretary for Environment, its position paper on country parks in the context of land search for public housing and elderly accommodation.

(Full paper available for download: 20170801 HKCF’s Position Paper on Country Parks )



27 Jul 2017                                                              Two agriculture experts, Dr Anthony Tse and Mr Yip Tsz Lam, paid a technical visit to Lai Chi Wo, to appreciate the ongoing agricultural effort.  They also offered advice on farming practice and related infrastructure issues.

(From left to right) Dr. Anthony Tse, HKCF Chairman Lam Chiu Ying & Director Ng Cho Nam and Mr. Yip Tsz Lam.                   (左至右)謝天佑博士、鄉郊基金主席林超英先生、董事吳祖南博士,及葉子林先生。
2017年7月27日                                                        謝天佑博士及葉子林先生兩位農業專家,到荔枝窩展開了技術訪問,了解進行中的農業活動,以及為荔枝窩的農耕工作和相關配套提供了寶貴意見。

29 Apr 2017
Transplanting of paddy seedlings took place in Lai Chi Wo.

Volunteers getting first-hand experience in seedling transplant with bare feet.                 義工們親身體驗赤足蒔田。
2017年4月29日                                                         荔枝窩進行插秧。

4 Feb 2017
HKCF board members and staff joined the spring banquet of Hing Chun Yeuk at Lai Chi Wo to celebrate Chinese New Year.

HKCF board directors, village representatives of Lai Chi Wo and senior villagers of Hing Chun Yeuk in front of the temple.                                                                    鄉郊基金董事會成員、荔枝窩村長與慶春約耆英在協天宮前合照。

15 Jan 2017 
The first farmers’ market in Lai Chi Wo under the HSBC-supported village project “Sustainable Lai Chi Wo” took place in Lai Chi Wo to promote local produce.
The villagers, farmers and project staff jointly operated the farmers’ market at Lai Chi Wo.                                                                          村民、農夫與項目同事們一起運作荔枝窩農墟。