Supported by the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, HKCF is the co-organizing organization of the project applicant HakkaHome-LCW Ltd. in this project.

Prevention of Deterioration of Built Environment & Landscape Improvement in Lai Chi Wo Village



The Landscape Project in Lai Chi Wo is led by Hong Kong Countryside Foundation and HakkaHome Ltd, and funded by the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme. The project aims to re-shape the house ruins of the village and to add public open space within a traditional enclosed village.



Key Objectives

Key objectives of this project are as follows:

  • To remove dangerous structures of village houses at key locations of Lai Chi Wo village and landscape the site, following conservation principles;
  • To enhance the sense of place by creating quality open space for community appreciation and enjoyment;
  • To improve the lanes inside the village for safety and provide landscape treatment.




  • 在村內的重點位置以保育原則移除荒廢村屋的危險構築物;
  • 通過為社區創造優質的公共空間來增強地方感和享受;
  • 改善村內巷道安全及進行景觀改造。


Site  工程地址

Lot 205/ 地段205
Before 原貌 Design 設計
Lot 209/ 地段209
Before 原貌 Design 設計
Lot 237/ 地段237
Before 原貌 Design 設計

Activities/ 其他活動


Engagement meeting with Local Villagers


Engagement work  with local farmer about planting

Public Planting Day To be held on 25 September 2022



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