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Long-term conservation of Sha Lo Tung through non-in-situ land exchange 非原址換地長遠保育沙羅洞

Sha Lo Tung 沙羅洞
On 22 Apr, the Earth Day, the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation congratulated the Government for securing the ownership of ecologically important land in Sha Lo Tung by reaching an agreement with the Sha Lo Tung Development Company Limited on the terms of a non-in-situ land exchange.

The idea of the non-in-situ land exchange for the conservation of Sha Lo Tung was initiated by @the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation. It was first brought to the attention of the government when HKCF representatives met Carrie Lam, then Secretary for Development in May 2012, shortly before she became Chief Secretary.

HKCF sustained its lobbying effort over the years, culminating in the Exco decision in June 2017 to proceed with the negotiation with the private landowner, shortly before the term of CY Leung as CE ended. It has taken the energy of yet another CE to bring the difficult negotiation to a close as her term is about to end too.

The success in the protection of Sha Lo Tung is attributed to the effort of numerous people and many green groups since the 1980s. Without them, Sha Lo Tung could have been turned into a golf course or even a columbarium, and numerous dragonflies and other freshwater species would have become history. The land exchange marks a new era of hope. However, the conservation and protection of Sha Lo Tung do not end here. A lot remains to be done to revitalise culture and nature which used to reside in Sha Lo Tung.

Those wishing to know more about how the efforts of HKCF on Sha Lo Tung started may go to the 2012 chronology of HKCF website via this link: https://www.hkcountryside.org/?cat=22