Management Agreement Scheme @ Lai Chi Wo Enclave


Since October 2017, the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation, partnering with the Conservancy Association andwith the funding support of the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), has engaged local community farmers at Lai Chi Wo to farm for conservationunder the project “Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave~ (in short “MA”).


2017年10月起,香港鄉郊基金伙拍長春社,獲得環境及自然保育基金資助,携手與當地社區農夫(簡稱: “荔農”),以自然友善農耕方式,進行《荔枝窩自然管理協議》(下稱“管理協議”)。

The MA project is made up of 4 pillars of work, namely:


  • Biodiversity conservation – currently 5 taxa/ species namely odonate (dragonfly), butterfly,
    dragonfly+butterfly+water fern
    amphibian, water fern and rice fish are surveyed regularly. Conservation measures are adopted in eco-farming, to safeguard the quality of the habitat so as to benefit the sustenance of these species.
  • 生物多樣性保育 – 現涵蓋5 類物種,包括蜻蜓、蝴蝶、蛙兩棲動物?、水蕨和米魚,進行定期生態調查,自然友善農耕採納了自然保育措施,保障提供優良的棲息地,有利生物生存和繁衍。
  • Community engagement – the Foundation leases farmland from indigenous villagers and engages local community farmers for collective efforts. Regular and informal meetings are held to facilitate communication on the execution of the project.
  • 社區參與 – 鄉郊基金向村民租地,組織社區農夫共同協作,與持份者定期開會及隨機傾講, 就項目的執行交流溝通。
  • Education – Volunteer engagement and public activities are organized to promote the work and objectives of the project. Guided tours and talks organizations are conducted for students and various organisations, to promote the importance of biodiversity, countryside conservation and rural sustainability.
  • 教育活動 –組織義工和舉辦公眾活動,介紹項目的工作和目的,也通過導賞和講座,讓學生們和各界組織認識生物多樣性、鄉郊保育和永續發展的重要性。
  • Active management – Guidelines and rules are establishedfor the farming community to follow. Eco-friendly farming is practised, based on the principles of organic farming, to nurture the soil and water as well as to support diversified flora and fauna.  Furthermore, control measures are adopted to suppress the spread of invasive species.
    4 Pillars of MA@LCW
  • 積極管理 – 項目訂立守則與約章,給社區農夫遵循,與自然友善的耕作方式,建基於有機耕種的原則, 育養水土和支撐多元動植物的生存,同時採取控制措施,遏止外來入侵物種散。


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