25 June 2012

The Foundation requested to be heard by the EIA sub-committee (EIASC) of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) but was refused.  On behalf of the Foundation, Board Directors Ruy Barretto and Lam Chiu Ying observed the open segment of the meeting of EIASC on 25 June.  Lobbying failed to stop the EIASC giving a conditional endorsement of the EIA report of the proposed columbarium project at Sha Lo Tung.


香港鄉郊基金求出席環境諮詢委員會(環諮會)的環境影響評估小組委員會 (環評小組)的有關聆訊但被拒,結果董事局成員白理桃及林超英觀察了開放予公眾人士的環節。游說未能阻止環評小組「有條件地」接納「沙螺洞骨灰龕項目」的環評報告。